Claud in uniform standing in front of his car in
Jacksonville, Florida.

His favorite Bible verse at that time was
Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good
to them that love God, to them who are called according
to his purpose.

He said his favorite religious song was Blessed Redeemer.

Ruth and Claud on his last day in Florida.

Ruth and Claud at his going away party.

Ruth and Claud

We were cutting up at his going away party
at our friends home. Charles and Marie Perkins.
There were others there but he is not in the other
pictures of those who attended. We had a
nice evening but everyone was very sad to see
him go.

The Perkins home was open to the young people
at the church on Saturday nights. They would
have a prayer time for those who wanted to stop by.
It was a time of prayer and fellowship.

Claud was a cut up and had a serious side as well.
He enjoyed going to the beach when he lived there
as it was not far away and easy to get there. He was
a lot of fun and loved by all of us who knew him.

Ruth and Claud

Claud, Ruth, Charlie Trice, Edmond Verella.
The church had what they called a Mission Band on Sunday
afternoons. Charlie, Edmond and Claud were friends.
They attended this church function each week and at times
spoke in local rest homes, street or park services.

Claud standing by his car. He had completed
his time in the Navy. He left Jacksonville, Florida
to drive back to Portales, NM on April 28, 1959.

This was at a Banquet held by the church.
Margaret Roberts, Charlie Trice, Claud, Ruth.
Margaret was deaf. I was an interpreter for
the deaf in our church.

This is Jerry Phillips and Claud. Jerry was also in
the Navy and went to church and they were friends.

Claud ~ Sophomore 1955

Let me know if these pictures do not open for you and I will try again as an attachment.

My heart is very saddened about Claud and his daughter and son-in-law. It had to be a
devastating time to go through for his family, friends, and loved ones. Wes and Doris
wrote to me about what happened when they passed away in 1991. I did not know he
was gone. He was important to us in our lives when he lived in Florida long ago.
A lot of nice memories as we were all so young then.

I cannot thank you enough for getting me in touch with his brother and sister-in-law
through Phyllis. It means a lot to me.

Again...let me know if the pictures do not open for you.



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